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Thursday, March 31

If everyone hacked there iPod would you?

....Yes, yes I would, and if I did I think it would look something like this.

Thats what it looks like from the front and yes all the buttons are functional, albeit a little finicky, but then again the buttons were never very quick to respond at least for mine which is now about a years old. I came across the idea to do this little cover for my iPod around the time HP released there skins for the new "click-wheel" version of the iPod. In fact I took the screen part of their template and used it myself. Sadly I no longer have the original template I used, but all it consisted of was the screen part of the HP template and then a large area that is in the neighborhood of about seven inches wide and just lightly taller then the iPod itself.

Then there is a strip that is the same width as the screen which extends from the top and bottom of the outline and goes behind the iPod first then the side strips, it can all be the held together with a few strips of either invisible tape or glue.

As you can see from this image I opted for the cheap tape style just for a trial run of it and it seems to work out really well. The main reason I decided to do this mod was because well frankly mine like most iPods has gotten pretty beaten up in the short time I have had it. So this allows me to cover up the bad looking parts as well as change the outside depending on what I feel like looking at that week. I had a few mocked up skins for it, one that looked like an old Gameboy Pocket in blue, and another that gave it a woodgrain body and a wood frame around the screen with wooden buttons and wheel (I liked that one the best but it was hardest).

Now some of you may still be thinking that yeah it looks nice and protects but you can't use your iPod without plugging in the control, but in actuality basic inkjet paper not only has the added benefit of being cheap but also thin enough that buttons easily respond to the heat and pressure of your finger tips. For those who need proof here is a small video for you to download to see.

iPod Hack

The image above is that of another iPod hack online, perhaps you have heard of people doing it as of late. They download the firmware software for the iPod and edit it according to their tastes therefore customizing certain aspects of the iPods menu system like rename certain menus, change fonts, icons, etc. One of the more popular mods is to change the little icon that appears when you connect it to your computer, first one that pops up says "Do Not Disconnect" after it's alright to unhook it the icon changes and so does the text saying "OK to Disconnect". So I took a page from some peoples mod of puting Hello Kitty on the icon to a picture of the kitty with a gun to its head when it says "Do Not Disconnect" and when it changes to the OK message well you can see for yourself that everything was taken care of and it's alright to disconnect. Sick and twisted I know but hey at least it's unique right?


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