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Wednesday, March 30

The Great Not-So-Great Flamewar...

So I found this article at a website I frequent for gaming related news it's called Joystiq. Anyways I read this article and it's mostly a very bland article that I normally would have passed over, but the very last part of the article just said to me "joke time!" so I went with it.

As you can see from the first comment, I made quite the BAD comment but trust me it gets explained later on because someone comments on it later on and well he was an asshole so I of course had to show him how wrong he was by explaining my original comment and therefore put him in his place. He never even had the balls to comment back though the other reason behind that will be discussed in a second.

Something interesting happened later on though, as the day went on a surge of new articles flooded their site and somehow the article I commented on got pushed back by about two pages therefore anyone who frequented the main site would never even know about it and so therefore nobody ever saw it to see my comment and get enraged by it. So that is one very likely reason as to why "Tony" never managed to cough up any support for his comments or against my second comment...I still think that the real reason is that he knows he got 0wn3d!!


I would like to thank L'Emmerdeur for his comment against "Tony" that also p0wn3d him, for that click his name to visit his site it ain't too shabby.


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