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Wednesday, March 30

First "Hack"...I'm so proud

Okay so about a year or so ago I purchased a nice Microsoft wireless Intellimouse Explorer v2.0, and about two months back it broke on me. I figure it was the wires in the base station but I was never too sure, but with that theory in mind I went and opened it up to see if I could fix the cabling and well that really hasn't been panning out too well in fact I managed to desolder one of the main pinouts for either the power or data line, seeing as I am not a major electrical type person...I have no F*ing clue.

Now seeing as the "fix" hack didn't work I managed to find something that will be just as Hax0r worthy as soldering it back together if not more so. It seems that Microsoft has a bit of a gullible side, if your mouse stops working to factory specs for whatever the reason may be, all you have to do is call tech support hassle them for a while then they will give a toll free number to a Canadian parts replacement warehouse for MS, who will then in turn instruct you on how to fax all the right info from the bottom of your mouse to another warehouse in Canada that will then in turn send you a new version of your old mouse free of charge.

I sent in my name, address, email and phone number to the number I found on the web's linked to in this post. Also the most important parts being the PIT of the mouse and the header TO: MICROSOFT SUPPLEMENTAL PARTS. So all I did was type all the info up and then print it out, then I ran on down to Kinkos and faxed it. This was yesterday and hopefully I will get a reply in my e-mailbox by about Friday or Saturday regarding the mouse, if not...well I fear for the poor person I get to yell at when I call the support line.

This kind of hack is the kind known as "Social Engineering" which is one of the main types of hacks I like a lot. So keep an eye for more Social hacks in the future, next one will be something along the lines of free pizza...FOR LIFE!!

UPDATE: Well no word so far as to whether or not they even got word of my mouse application but I will give it one more week before I go yell at someone.


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